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About the Affiliate Programme

The AvanteFly Affiliate Programme is designed for the ultimate connector and influencer who wants to join a dynamic network of our sales team. You will be part of our private jet aviation services all over the globe as if you were an employee, from the convenience of your home. This could be a part-time job for you or a stand-alone full time opportunity.

Why work with AvanteFly?

Welcome to AvanteFly, the biggest broker for private flight and helicopter operators in Africa with unrivalled 360 exclusive services, providing the most competitive pricing from our vast portfolio of aircraft operators.

AvanteFly offers our Affiliates’ access to various well vetted fleet options, personalized account reports with real time tracking of referrals and earnings, on-time payouts and a sense of community in the aviation marketplace.

What can you sell

Private Jets

Our private jet fleet services provide a cost-effective...
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At Avante Fly, you can enjoy the benefits of traveling fast...
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Luxury Cars

Avante Fly offers reliable comfortable fixed price transfers...
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Executive Spaces

At AvanteFly, we understand our clients are high profile...
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What’s My Earning Potential?

Your earning potential is endless, you will receive 30% of the commission earned on each specific flight after the operations overhead charges of 10% have been paid.
You will receive commission on each Membership purchased to the value of 5% of the total value of the membership after the operations overhead charges of 10% have been paid.
Affiliate commission is uncapped, and your earning capacity is only limited to your ability to make successful introductions to AvanteFly.

To Find out more

To find out more about the AvanteFly Affiliate Programme, please register your interest by contacting us.


What is AvanteFly?

See ‘About Us’ page

How much do Affiliates earn?

Affiliates earn an uncapped 30% profit share on every flight introduced, along with recurring revenue for any future bookings a referred client goes on to make for 1 year.

How are affiliates paid?

Affiliates are paid via bank transfer within 14 days after a closed booking

What is a closed booking?

A closed booking is triggered automatically when someone referred using your affiliate ID (or returning within 365 days of their first visit) completes a booking. The value will initially show in your account as $0, after booking is confirmed and completed, our team will update your earned commission accordingly.

Is the Affiliate program a lifetime program?

All affiliates are signed up for a yearly program which is subject to renewal after review.