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Our Safety

Safety is our highest priority and critical to our mission as a company, which is why the standards we set for our Quality Management System far exceed the Civil Aviation Authority requirements and industry norms. All our aircrafts undergo strict inspection regulations to ensure our clients safety. All our partner network operators must meet national standards issued by the country’s governing and licensing body.

AvanteFly Extra Safety Measures

  • Best Practices

As a distinctive company we pioneer global best practices through our global partners and associations in the industry.

  • Flight Crew Rest Requirements

As part of our risk assessement we request for crew schedule of work to ensure every pilot is fit for every flight.

  • Tracking System (WayPoint and Intellijet)

Almost all our flight network service providers are instructed to have the flight tracking system and pilot communications systems which assures they have all the flight, weather and safety data they need, without fail.

  • Medical Preparedness

Incase of an in-flight emergency, AvanteFly crews connect directly to MedAire, a leading international medical response specialist.

  • Data Security

Our Data Privacy Policy and IT Data security team ensures protecting owner information.

  • Oil & Gas Industry Safety 

Safety is an important part of any industry, especially in Oil & Gas industry which has been classed as a major hazards industry. AvanteFly operates within a set of regulatory framework by following the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers Management guidelines for our helicopter operations.