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Traveling by private jet is an exceptionally luxurious and logistically easy way to fly. The most valuable commodity in today’s fast-paced sharing economy globe is time. Private aviation is the perfect solution to deliver time efficiency and effective service delivery. According to an article shared by the Affinity Group, ‘The rise in private travel has derived from a new client perspective that underpins safety as the essential priority. The essence of service in private aviation is delivering clients with a truly memorable and seamless experience that encompasses the epitome of luxury”. The ability to have instant access to private jets and helicopters with a few clicks is the future of aviation and fantasy of seamless private travel that has come true in Africa with the birth of the AvanteFly mobile app. Unlike going through the hassle of sourcing for brokers and dealing with inconsistent and highly inflated quotes, The AvanteFly mobile app has created a platform with safe, transparent, reliable, and flexible service where its members can have access to private jets, luxury cars, helicopter services and unique high-end accommodations with a few clicks in real-time. Loyal clients of luxury services typically expect an exclusive, bespoke experience that offers personalization like dedicated lifestyle managers attending to their every needs to ensure increased ease and luxury which AvanteFly bridges the gap on. AvanteFly elevates the client’s journey to an entirely new level of convenience and flexibility by offering world-class services. The brand is built on strong core values like safety, privacy, luxurious experience, and reliability. With the increase in international travel, access to a large portfolio of available aircraft is important to boost the economy of the country. Business aviation will need to engender the use of digitalization for smarter working and seamless operations.