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AvanteFly launches real time mobile app for luxury charter in Nigeria

Lack of access to assets is one of the major problems in the Aviation industry. By Lack of access, I mean in terms of the clients’ needs and the timing, there is no platform to aggregate the assets together and to deliver top notch services. There is also the issue of lack of understanding of service in the real sense of it. Our role here is to educate our Global network partners on how to deliver top class services. AvanteFly is here to mitigate these problems by making assets available and accessible to people who can afford them. We also want to make sure people can travel when they want and how they want. Our plan is an easy one, we ensure that our service delivery is top class with an international standard. We have a world class standard to uphold so we do everything within our power to keep our clients happy.“ Click on the link below to read the full publication: 👇🏿